To whom it may concern,

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As such we are trying to follow the admonitions of our Church Leaders to identify our kindred dead so we can submit their names for the all important Temple work on their behalf.

We have run into some obstacles trying to do this. The main things being we are not able to read and understand the Danish and Swedish languages. Another thing is that we have a really hard time deciphering the old hand writing.

We found a way to solve these problems. We got in contact with Kim Melchior, a professional genealogist who specialize in Scandinavian research and who knows the languages. He has been able to read most of the handwriting and he knows his way around in these records. In addition Kim has access to some databases with more information so he has identified MANY of our relatives whom we would never have been able to locate. This way we can make sure these family members can have their Temple work done.

If you are in the same situation as we were and you want to be able to get the names of your deceased relatives to the Temple, but are not sure how to identify these relatives, we can highly recommend that you contact Kim Melchior and engage him, because he will do a GREAT job for you.

Pam Bishop
Cedar City, Utah

For the past two years, Kim Melchior has been doing research on my Swedish ancestors. He has found hundreds of families and has researched and documented each individual person, providing sources and other pertinent information. He has the language, the training and the skill to do a complete and superb job. He is very familiar with the culture of my ancestors and the source resources available; so when one avenue doesn’t provide information, he usually finds another way to retrieve the information needed. His creativity and tenacity have helped to solve difficult problems. Whenever I have had questions, he has been very available through e-mail or phone calls and has quickly resolved my questions, making it very easy and pleasant to work with him.

I can highly recommend Kim Melchior as an excellent professional genealogy researcher. I have been very pleased with and grateful for the work he has accomplished, and I plan to use his services as I continue forward with the research on my Swedish lines.

Sandra T. Watrous
Springville, UT

Jeg kan varmt anbefale Kim Melchior som problemknuser/førstehjælper i forbindelse med eventuelle opstående problemer med slægtsforskning.

Jeg startede med slægtsforskning i februar måned 2014, men efter ca. 6 måneder begyndte de første problemer. Jeg googlede slægsforskning og fandt Genealogisk Forum på Facebook, som har været en stor hjælp for mig. Via Genealogisk Forum blev jeg anbefalet at kontakte Kim Melchior. Han kender virkelig til slægtsforskning og ved hvad han laver. Han hjalp mig meget og jeg er sikker på at han kan hjælpe alle der har problemer med deres slægtsforskning og har brug for professionel hjælp.

Jørgen Haubuf
Esbjerg, Danmark

I found the website of Genealogist Kim Melchior on September 30, 2015 and sent an email describing in general terms what I wanted. Kim called me that same day and asked specific questions so he could determine how much genealogy research I wanted him to do. He also clearly explained the price structure.

This was followed by a written estimate of project costs and a detailed description of the outputs and reports he would provide. I reviewed his proposal and found it to be exactly what I had in mind. He completed the project in 24 hours and sent the reports to me. I was very pleased with the reports he sent. In addition to the family tree and copies of original supporting documents he wrote a short synopsis of his findings which made me feel as if my ancestors had come alive. This was a nice touch and very much appreciated.

I highly recommend his services. I was most impressed with his professional attitude and his ability to define what I wanted even when it was not exactly clear in my own mind. He didn’t to sell me services I didn’t want. His hourly rate is reasonable and he turned up a lot of information. I highly recommend his services. I plan have him do further research in the future.

Steve Leyden
Clay, NY

Whilst using ancestry.com to find a friend’s Finnish ancestors, I could only get back one or two generations.
A search for a genealogist with expertise in Finland brought up the website http://www.scandinaviangenealogy.com and soon after I contacted Kim Melchior, he responded with some excellent suggestions and gave me a form in Finnish and an address to send it to.
This took my search back another generation. On receiving the information, Kim quickly replied asking me for a brief on how he should proceed, which I gave him together with an outline budget.

He was able to trace several of the lines a number of generations back into the 1700’s as well as the late 1600’s and provided full documentation showing where he had obtained all the information.

We were able to communicate effectively either by email, phone or text message even though I live in England and he is located in USA, so the distance between us was not an issue.

Kim is a professional genealogist, gives excellent value for money, I am very pleased with his work and feel comfortable recommending him to anyone needing research done in any of his specialist areas of expertise. He is someone I would work with again when additional research is needed.

Paul Riley
United Kingdom

Kim is a very knowledgeable researcher. His background and understanding of the research process led him to make a MAJOR break through in the years- long “Brick Wall” I have faced in Danish-American research. I have now worked for close to ten years, utilizing the help of professional genealogists both in Denmark and the United States, trying to locate information which would lead to the discovery of the birth place of my great uncle and his parents. I believed that if his birth place could finally be identified it would lead to where the rest of my Danish ancestors had come from. In that specific regard, I had had absolutely no success in the extensive research done on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean of this family in determining exactly where in Denmark they came from. Kim was able to solve that problem for me within days. By doing so other pieces of the puzzle quickly began falling into place. Kim knows how to find what he is looking for. He was able to take a single scrap of information I had concerning my ancestors and then had the ability to recognize the potential of it, and discovered the long missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle on the Danish-American branch of my family tree. Kim is a critical, creative thinker who looks at every angle of a research problem placed before him, and has the ability to think outside of a box. From my experience he has proven to be very results oriented and driven to succeed with his clients. Kim knows the Danish records and the research procedures, and also has the ability to evaluate any record or clue placed before him. I trust in his judgment and experience and suggest you can do the same. I do not hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone with a Danish/Scandinavian research project.

David M. Sherman
Arlington, VA

After attempting to work on my Danish genealogy for quite some time, I finally decided to give a professional a try. I contacted Kim Melchior and we decided on a plan of action. Twenty four hours later my maternal great grandmother’s line had been extended back 6 generations, and with some residual information as well. All beautifully documented and sourced. When I opened the email he sent me, I almost cried. I highly recommend Kim if anyone out there just plain feel they are missing a lot of valuable information due to the language barrier. He really takes the time to try and comprehend what you are trying to accomplish.

Dani Wanchek
California, USA

I just wanted to personally thank Kim Melchior for his professional help with my husband’s gg grandmother’s Sweden research that he located for us! He was able to locate quite a bit of information in just 3 hours of research and we are so pleased with what all he has found on her life and her families lives, and we hope to use him again soon for more research. I highly recommend Kim he is very professional, Kind, and quick to respond to all my messages. Thank you so much Kim!

Amanda Cummings Winkler
Tennessee, USA

I am so impressed. Kim spoken with me by telephone and while we were on the phone he found information about my great grandfather. He asked me for the names of my great grandfather and his first child to come with him to America name and from there, he filled in the remaining members of the family from the Danish immigration records while we were on the phone. From there, he could link to Census reports. It has taken me over two years to make the meager progress I have made and I’ve learned much more just in my phone call with Kim.

Kathy Magrew
Minnesota, USA

Well, I took the plunge. For three years I have been knocking against brick walls for information to go beyond the immigration of my husband’s Scandinavian ancestors. I have some information – but only little tidbits, clues, hints, mis-spellings etc. I know the records must exist – but I can’t find them, or when I find them, I can’t read them. So, I asked Kim for help. One day, and a very reasonable amount of money later, and I am now back two more generations in Sweden for one of our great grandmothers, have the vital information for her siblings, and an initial understanding of the shape of her family. All documented with digital copies of the original records. I am looking forward to another “chunk” of research in a month or so. For anyone in the same spot – working with Kim is a great way to move forward in your research. Not scary at all – and extremely productive. Thank you Kim!

Kathy R. Agard
Muskegon, MI