Steve Leyden

I found the website of Genealogist Kim Melchior on September 30, 2015 and sent an email describing in general terms what I wanted. Kim called me that same day and asked specific questions so he could determine how much genealogy research I wanted him to do. He also clearly explained the price structure.

This was followed by a written estimate of project costs and a detailed description of the outputs and reports he would provide. I reviewed his proposal and found it to be exactly what I had in mind. He completed the project in 24 hours and sent the reports to me. I was very pleased with the reports he sent. In addition to the family tree and copies of original supporting documents he wrote a short synopsis of his findings which made me feel as if my ancestors had come alive. This was a nice touch and very much appreciated.

I highly recommend his services. I was most impressed with his professional attitude and his ability to define what I wanted even when it was not exactly clear in my own mind. He didn’t to sell me services I didn’t want. His hourly rate is reasonable and he turned up a lot of information. I highly recommend his services. I plan have him do further research in the future.