Paul Riley

Whilst using to find a friend’s Finnish ancestors, I could only get back one or two generations.
A search for a genealogist with expertise in Finland brought up the website and soon after I contacted Kim Melchior, he responded with some excellent suggestions and gave me a form in Finnish and an address to send it to.
This took my search back another generation. On receiving the information, Kim quickly replied asking me for a brief on how he should proceed, which I gave him together with an outline budget.

He was able to trace several of the lines a number of generations back into the 1700’s as well as the late 1600’s and provided full documentation showing where he had obtained all the information.

We were able to communicate effectively either by email, phone or text message even though I live in England and he is located in USA, so the distance between us was not an issue.

Kim is a professional genealogist, gives excellent value for money, I am very pleased with his work and feel comfortable recommending him to anyone needing research done in any of his specialist areas of expertise. He is someone I would work with again when additional research is needed.