Kathy R. Agard

Well, I took the plunge. For three years I have been knocking against brick walls for information to go beyond the immigration of my husband’s Scandinavian ancestors. I have some information – but only little tidbits, clues, hints, mis-spellings etc. I know the records must exist – but I can’t find them, or when I find them, I can’t read them. So, I asked Kim for help. One day, and a very reasonable amount of money later, and I am now back two more generations in Sweden for one of our great grandmothers, have the vital information for her siblings, and an initial understanding of the shape of her family. All documented with digital copies of the original records. I am looking forward to another “chunk” of research in a month or so. For anyone in the same spot – working with Kim is a great way to move forward in your research. Not scary at all – and extremely productive. Thank you Kim!